Animal Beatbox

'What is the true call of the wild? Here we travel down a very special river and are introduced to a wide variety of the animal kingdom who all contribute their name for the sake of music.

Directed by Damon Gameau
Tropfest Australia'



"A next-gen Segway in unicycle formsolowheel1.jpg
Like a stripped-down Segway, Inventist's new Solowheel is geared for the mobile urbanite. The "self-balancing electric unicycle" operates through gyroscopic technology, which a 1000-watt rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers. On a full charge (which takes about 45 minutes), the Solowheel lasts two hours—but the battery actually recaptures energy when going downhill.
Weighing only 20 pounds and consisting of little more than a simple wheel with a fold-up foot platform on either side, you can easily throw it in your backpack or briefcase once you reach your destination, or carry it by its convenient handle."


Paradise Wheels welcome Koichiro Uehara to the team in japan.

Computer beats human Jeopardy champion

From: ibm | February 16, 2011 | 302 views

After defeating the two greatest Jeopardy! champions of all time, the technology behind Watson will now be applied to some of the world's most enticing challenges. Watch a breakdown of the match from Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and the IBM team members as they look toward the future.

Visit ibmwatson.com for more information.



Pk ripper fixed frame foil

Silver reflective tape on the 2011 se bikes pk ripper fixed gear.  Dirt jump seat,  total weight 12kg


Case Study Houses : arts & architecture

"Case Study House #24 by Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons. This was one of my favorite homes from the program, a modern ranch, but partially under ground, partially behind bermed walls, full of courtyards, and glass walls with complete privacy. The plan also had an adaption for a small professional office at the front of the house, which if combined with the adjacent scullery kitchen could become a tiny studio apartment. To me it was a great flexible floor plan, unfortunately never built.
Much to my surprise I found a PDF file online at the Arts & Architecture magazine web site which was an excerpt from their original article on the CSH #24 house. I discovered they have similar articles posted for each of the Case Study Houses – a fantastic resource for modern house fans.
Read the rest of arts & architecture magazine headed for taschen book
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 via  arqa.com arts-architecture-magazine-headed-for-taschen-book

Volume : Thrasher

"Always good to see our peeps over at BREAKBRAKE17 shredding the Thrasher. Check out more pics at their Flickr photostream.  Photos by: Yang Cheng Lin"
thanks Volume bike Co.



Phantom Flex : 2,564 frames per second : Hotel Room

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

"I was working a gig in Vegas with a brand new Phantom Flex high speed digital cinema camera. I had to try it out. In fact, I never did go to bed that night. I opened up a wormhole shooting at 2,564 frames per second."

Unexpected Thursday 21


Booty Implant Kills Girl

Asspiring Hip-Hop Vixen Claudia Aderotimi. 
Killed by her leaking ass implant. Silicone entered her blood stream causing heart failure.
"The Thames Valley University student developed chest pains and struggled for breath 12 hours after she had the illegal silicone injections at a budget hotel."
butt off: dailymail.co.uk


surrogate student

Texas Student Attends School as a Robot – A Sign of Things to Come

Power of 5000 suns

"The R5800 is my latest and greatest solar creation. Made from an ordinary fiberglass satellite dish, it is covered in about 5800 3/8" (~1cm) mirror tiles. When properly aligned, it can generate a spot the size of a dime with an intensity of 5000 times normal daylight. This intensity of light is more than enough to melt steel, vaporize aluminum, boil concrete, turn dirt into lava, and obliterate any organic material in an instant. It stands at 5'9" and is 42" across.
Coming spring of 2011:
Sun Runner 3
R32000 (R32K)
Area of dish aperture (elliptical)= (pi x 102cm x 73cm)/4 = 5848 sq cm    Area of focal point (circular)= pi(0.6cm)^2 = 1.14 sq cm    Concetration Power= 5848/1.14 = 5129"


can apparently be programmed to paint whatever you want on a big surface, like a wall, or a big canvas."


robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.


Horse Slide

Dylan Bale

Dylan Bale Edit from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Something to 'awe' at

The best line for me was about how it will be a new species that achieves what it is we want to do, reach other stars.

Wiggi wig

Machines Dancing

liam zingbergs 2011 « Flwrider

I(ndian) Robot ***Kollywood(Tamil)***

Construction Quadrotor

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