trike drifting to the EXTREME!

I only watched the first couple of seconds, but like great sex, that's all you need.


36″ bike

Via flwrider36″er


Dirt Half Pipe : Australia

Simpel Session 2010 Quali Highlights

ps Did any one hear about the The amazing Red Bull Dirt Pipe is happening in Victoria, Australia.
 "120 meter long, 4 meter high walls of dirt sculpted into a BMX playground. Party time."
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Wafalme : Me and My Bike

from a group of kids in the slums of Nairobi


Parallel Parking by Yum Yum

Directed by Yum Yum London Audio by David Kamp



Real UP House

World's First Bionic Eye Approved in Europe


Urban Bike Race in Chile

Minute Mondays: The Wheel Talk Compound

Explosive Street Art by Vhil

Orelha Negra - M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils aka Alexandre Farto from Vhils on Vimeo.

"Portuguese street artist Vhils uses power drills and chisels to scratch the surface off buildings. Now, in this collaboration with Portuguese instrumental hip-hop band Orelha Negra, he takes his craft to a whole new level, this time using explosives to create incredible masterpieces."


iPhone case with interchangeable lenses


This lens was designed for 185 receiving angle camera phone is ° circular fisheye lens. Hemisphere (180 °) to allow filming of view, than to pursue a resolution by now a fisheye lens to shoot more enjoyable. The close-up photography can be about 2cm of shooting close-up photography positive view of the hemisphere is also different from a regular close-up photography, you can enjoy a unique picture. ● The lens distortion of the image processing software to correct fish-eye-specific (CD-ROM) ● We have included
Lens Construction: 3 group 3
Magnification: 0.25
Receiving angle: 185 °
Lens: Satoru Akira crow
Mirror Body: Metal
Accessories: cell phone clip, lens mount, lens cap, lens pouch for storage, panoramic photo enhancement software CD
Price 5,300 yen ~ $550

BMX - 1000 fps

BMX - 1000 fps from Hachem El YAMANI on Vimeo.

Slow motion video 1000 fps. Filmed & edited by Hachem El YAMANI. Twixtor and after effects for slow motion with a canon eos 7d.