Urban Accents - Manhole And Sewer Cover Throw Pillows By In The Seam.

Urban Accents - Manhole And Sewer Cover Throw Pillows By In The Seam.: "

Typically one does not want to rest their head on a manhole cover. Not unless it's one of the fun inkjet printed throw pillows by Rhonda of Brooklyn'sIn the Seam.

Available in two sizes, Rhonda has created round comfy throw pillows with images of manhole, or sewer, covers (both domestic and international) from photographs she took herself. The gritty urban imagery is surprisingly neutral when mixed with both modern and antique interiors.





Prices range from $42 for the smaller pillows to $85 for the larger ones.
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The Street Beneath Your Feet: Japanese Manhole Covers
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Beastie Boys new video clip


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Panasonic Wave Pool Long Form

Panasonic Wave Pool Long Form from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Motorcycle Bikes

Motorcycle Bikes: "

The Team Tentakulus 'Shocker' Looks as Cool as a Chopper

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Scotch Tape Lets You See Through Frosted Glass

Scotch Tape Lets You See Through Frosted Glass: "

There’s probably no better tool in the gadgeteer’s box than a roll of Gaffer Tape (or duct tape, if you don’t mind sticky or crumbly residues). But what about its humble household cousin, Scotch Tape? Traditionally used for wrapping gifts or taping broken spectacles back together, it has another amazing talent. It can let you see through solid objects.

If those solid objects are in fact sheets of frosted glass. If you have a frosted window that you need to take a peek through, tear off a strip of tape and press it down firmly onto the pane. The roughened, opaque surface is transformed into a smooth, shiny one, and the light that was previously scattered into vague suggestions of shape and color now comes through sharp and clear:

I’m amazed we never saw this trick in a MacGyver episode.

Weird Tape Effect [YouTube via Core77]"


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Studio Banana Tv ::: Deyan Sudjic: "

Studio Banana TV interviews Deyan Sudjic, acclaimed architecture critic, founding-editor of Blueprint, director of the Design Museum London and author of the Edifice Complex.
In this interview he talks about a broad variety of topics of his interest, from the multiple scales of design, through the challenges faced by the next generation of architects, all the way to speculating about the future of printed media.

Bay Window Garage in San Francisco

Bay Window in San Francisco Creatively Turned into Garage: "

garage Bay Window in San Francisco Creatively Turned into Garage

San Francisco resident Corey McMills decided he no longer wanted to deal with the heavy traffic of San Francisco. So he came up with an ingenious idea for parking his car: turning his bay window into a garage. Seen on Curbed, this amazing idea doesn’t leave room for nothing but admiration. The conversion was completed by a company of architects called Beausoleil Architects, according to the owner’s concept. We believe this project could be taken forward; what if parts from inert buildings could be put to good use and transformed into spaces for parking? Have a look at the video below to see how this unusual garage works and let us know what similar creative garage conversions you have seen lately.


AppleCore Cord Organizer

Keep Your Wires Untangled: AppleCore Cord Organizer: "
Apple core04 Keep Your Wires Untangled: AppleCore Cord Organizer

We featured some ingenious solutions on Freshome about how to handle unwanted cables in your home, but this design comes with an original twist. AppleCore Cord Organizer brings together simplicity and aesthetics in order to solve the ever growing issue of tangled wires. Here is a short project description from the producers: “Our solution is the AppleCore – a smart and stylish cord organizer. Instead of tying cables together or hiding cables behind faux furniture or objects, the AppleCore celebrates the wire by incorporating the cable into the design. The apple core shape allows wires to be wrapped in seconds, while allowing flexibility in desired cable length through the coiling or uncoiling of the AppleCore. Our AppleCores comes in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing the user to outfit their home or office with ease.” Freshome readers, what other creative ideas do you have for dealing with tangled wires?

Apple core011 Keep Your Wires Untangled: AppleCore Cord Organizer

Apple core02 Keep Your Wires Untangled: AppleCore Cord Organizer

Apple core03 Keep Your Wires Untangled: AppleCore Cord Organizer


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