iPhone case with interchangeable lenses


This lens was designed for 185 receiving angle camera phone is ° circular fisheye lens. Hemisphere (180 °) to allow filming of view, than to pursue a resolution by now a fisheye lens to shoot more enjoyable. The close-up photography can be about 2cm of shooting close-up photography positive view of the hemisphere is also different from a regular close-up photography, you can enjoy a unique picture. ● The lens distortion of the image processing software to correct fish-eye-specific (CD-ROM) ● We have included
Lens Construction: 3 group 3
Magnification: 0.25
Receiving angle: 185 °
Lens: Satoru Akira crow
Mirror Body: Metal
Accessories: cell phone clip, lens mount, lens cap, lens pouch for storage, panoramic photo enhancement software CD
Price 5,300 yen ~ $550

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