Pic Band Is a Safety Rope for Guitar Picks

Pic Band Is a Safety Rope for Guitar Picks: "

the Pic Band solves a very real, pressing problem

The Guitar Pic Band looks about as practical as drilling holes in your contact lenses and stringing them together so you don’t lose them. It takes possibly the simplest accessory in all musicdom and turns it into a complicated, convoluted and proprietary mess. I predict that they’ll sell a ton.

The conceit is this: a guitar pick is easy to drop, and even easier to lose. In the realms of unexplained disappearance, picks are up there with socks, hair-bands and cheerleaders’ virginity.

The Pic Band is like a safety rope for the pick. It comprises a wrist strap and a slightly stiff, flexible band which runs from the wrist to the fingers. Here, it clips onto a proprietary pick, shaped with cut-outs to fit the rest of the device. If you drop the pick, it just dangles within reach.

The starter kit is cheap, with the straps coming in at $13 for both, with a selection of pics included (in various thicknesses). The pics themselves, however, cost $7 for a pack of 6, or $1.17 each. That’s almost five times the price of a normal pick, and you can’t just drop in at the guitar store to “pick” one up.

Pic Band [My Pic Band via Oh Gizmo]"

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