60Beat, a Proper Game Controller for iOS

60Beat, a Proper Game Controller for iOS:

If enough games support it, the 60Beat pad could be huge

The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have turned out to be great for games. I play more these days than I have anytime since I was a stoner in college, hooked up to a SNES all day long. But sometimes you just really need a proper controller. Enter the 60Beat GamePad, a Playstation-style joypad for iOS devices.

The 60Beat has almost as many buttons as the keyboard on which I’m typing this post. There’s a D-pad, dual analog sticks and a host of regular buttons and shoulder buttons.

As if this wasn’t enough to get you entertaining thoughts of jailbreaks and SNES emulators, it gets better. The 60Beat doesn’t use Bluetooth, or the 30-pin dock connector. Hell, it doesn’t even need any batteries. Instead, it plugs into the headphone jack. Check it out:

The only problem is that–currently–there are only two titles that work with the pad: Bugdom 2 and Aftermath. Adding support to games should be pretty easy, though, so hopefully there will be some big-name titles joining the list. Grand Theft Auto 3, currently on almost constantly in the offices of Gadget Lab Spain, would be a great candidate.

The 60Beat GamePad is shipping now, and costs $50.

60Beat GamePad [60Beat via Cult of Mac]

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